popwer of premonitions

This is a quick post kind of like an appetizer just to get the ball rolling again on this site. I’ve been pushing this book by Larry Dossey like a drug dealer pushing crack in the hood. It’s full of good stuff. Strike that, great stuff. While I’m getting my gears oiled for blog posting again, I am hoping you might be an angel and think about reading this book because it is rich with personal stories of people kind of like me. Fortunately, Dr. Dossey, an M.D., has pulled together a filling array of scientific evidence which is supporting the claims of strange individuals making outlandish claims of premonitions. Thank GOD, I’m not the only one. And it feels good to read this book because I was feeling pretty lonely and now I know; there are more of us, many of us. According to the scientific evidence Dossey has demonstrated, all of us.

We are all equipped with the marvelous ability to have premonitions! In the next few weeks as I post and hopefully you pick up the book and read it for yourself, we can start to be open to a fact of nature rather than consider it a freak of nature and this truth will, I do believe, help start forming a foundation of faith unlike anything you have experienced before. There are reasons I will later explain.

This is a great thing to start with because Dossey has done some mental work by writing this book which helps substantiate my claims. Once we can get skepticism out of the way we can start having some real heart felt and fantastic discussions on what it all means and how we can apply this rationalization to our lives so that we can live better, with fulfillment and not so much stress.

Gotta go; I’ll be back posting an update to this.

Thank you so much for visiting; please do follow me; like me, send me a message. I’d love to hear from you and maybe even your personal stories of premonitions.

Wherever you are, be happy and come again:D

Maria Mercuri