When the S**t Hits the Fan: Can Astrology Explain the Unexplainable

Today I was busting my butt teaching a nine year old how to ride a bike without training wheels. Never could I have imagined this as my future reality back in early May. My head was filled with the awe of finally meeting with a big time producer that could make a monumental difference in my music career. I had base, treble, chord progressions, bridges on my mind, not babysitting.

The fateful meeting was set for Thursday, May 14th; butterflies were in my stomach and a ton of insecurity issues of, “Am I too fat, too old, too whatever……?” The list was long and distinguished; I was working overtime on my mind to stop thinking of bull crap and try to focus on the prize. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have been giving astrology a bit more credit and appreciation than my former astrology skeptical self would’ve ever allowed, so naturally, I had to find out what was in the forecast for May 14th on a full moon no less? Would the scheduled appointment happen to fall on an astrologically fortuitous day or would disaster befall the event?

Nerves, nerves, nerves and a gut feeling that I just couldn’t place preoccupied my mind and when I checked out a few web sites on the projections for May 14th, I was still confused and had a complex discomforting feeling. The alignment showed a full moon in Scorpio and the associations with that were heavy duty to say the least. When you read about the events that transpired from that date you may be disingenuous with yourself and others if you deny recognizing a connection between the life events and astrological definition of the energetic influence and celestial orchestration at play at that time. 

I wanted to look great with perfect makeup so I had a “professional” do the job. She kept telling me how hot I looked and when she finally made the reveal, my eyes popped out and my jaw dropped. I had some serious profanity on my mind at that very moment. WTF!!! If I was doing a spot with Svengoolie I’d be delighted but I was having a meeting in the daytime in May not October 31st; this makeup was out of the question. I was pissed and running out of time. I zipped over to my house, ripped the false lashes out, scrubbed my freaky eyes with coconut oil and screamed as I was frantically spiral curling my hair. How the heck was I going to have composure after this crappy start?

Was I stylish when I arrived a half an hour later than my appointment? I did call to let the guy know I was stuck in traffic but that was only half the truth.

Walking into the studio was a pleasant surprise; it looked like a modern take on a Turkish Bazar with rugs spread out all over the place and lanterns hanging around. I put my game face on and did the best I could.

After three hours of negotiation, I left tired and suddenly feeling an allergic migraine reaction come upon me ( I think the guy’s got pooches laying around the place when clients aren’t around).

So, was the meeting what I expected? After the three hours, I forgot what I expected but I knew the road ahead was going to be a rocky one full of hard work and sweat. The music industry is 1/15 part music, the rest is legal and business.

The kind interns kept filling my really tall glass of water and rather than spend one more moment over there for a quick bathroom break, I jumped in my car and hit the expressway which was jam packed with traffic. One hour and twenty minutes later, I was pulling off on my exit and looking for the tallest bush. I was so desperate, I was about to stop by a strangers house; my eyes began crossing I had to pee so bad. The traffic was bumper to bumper and of course a train was taking its sweet time on the track, further blocking my ability to stop by the nearest public bathroom. Finally, I crossed an intersection and blazed a path to the bathroom at a pharmacy chain.

Grateful to finally get home, I Burst through the door, ran for the cupboard and snagged a heavy duty pain killer hoping to dull the migraine. After fifteen minutes and desperate for pain relief but no patience to wait for the pain killer to kick in, I stopped at another cabinet to grab a supportive anecdote, whiskey.

I wanted to put the memory of the frantic, long and draining afternoon behind me. I thought about one of my bothers who actually had a birthday on that day. As this story unfolds I will tell you about a little feud the two of us had. I wanted to call him and wish him a happy birthday but the complexity of our argument distracted me and allowed lethargy to take control of my body instead. I settled into the night and then into bed; I looked forward to the thought of restful sleep and a refreshed day where I could objectively plan things out and give another day another cheerleader enthusiastic go at my dream. Little did I know I was going to awaken to the worst day of my life.

I woke up and thought about the producer then suddenly I had a vision. In this vision, I was walking in what felt like a tall building; the hallway was tiled with stone. I walked to an elevator with metal doors, then entered going up. I thought about that vision and believed it meant that I would be working with a producer from a building with those features. I knew the vision had to do with my future.

My husband woke up and came to the kitchen for a cup of my famously concentrated java. Periodically he asks, “How can you drink this?” I told him about my senses forcing me to question the suitability of working with that big time producer. I described my vision and insisted, “I know this has to do with my future.”

About an hour and a half later I received a phone call that burst my little bubble. My sister called telling me that my brother, who just had a birthday the night before, was going into hospice and could die any hour. I cried out a roar, “No!!!!!!!!!”

So was this tragic news posted in the stars somehow? Yes! As you continue reading the story and skim over the following astrological forecasts, you will see how strange and connected we are to these cosmic influences and how relevant the astrological information was to the events of my life at the time. My first example is the statement found in Susan Millar’s post (seen in more detail below), “This sobering full Moon will force us to face reality.  Choices made will have longevity.  Guard health.  If there are weak links, they will break apart now.” My brother’s cancer was the weak link that was breaking apart and the choices we made did have longevity.

As posted on http://astrology.about.com/od/themoon/qt/FullMoonScorp2.htm

2014’s Scorpio Full Moon is a doozie — Susan Miller gives it herMonster Moon designation for intensity.

Scorpio pulls us in to soul depths.  And at 24 degrees Scorpio, the Moon aligns with Saturn, for seeing deeply with soul-eyes.  The Sun (Taurus) is shining in opposition, vitalizing what has promise, and in sync with the laws of natural abundance.

The spirit of big dramatic endings and beginnings is afoot.  And a peak for cracking open hidden potentials, gifts — the power to create and be renewed again and again.  The Moon is full on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014.

What’s Up? 

Here’s what’s on this date, in Susan Miller’s The Year Ahead Calendar :  “The full Moon conjuncts Saturn, while Saturn opposes the Sun and Pluto tightly squares Venus and opposes Jupiter (wide).  Venus tightely conjoins Uranus, and both oppose Mars.  A T-square emerges:  Uranus and Venus both square Pluto and Jupiter  This sobering full Moon will force us to face reality.  Choices made will have longevity.  Guard health.  If there are weak links, they will break apart now.”

This can be a significant period where we get realand in doing so, begin to build on truly solid psychic-emotional ground. If a bubble bursts, and the picture looks dark, stay with it — the word withstand comes to mind. Many of us are discovering strength of character we didn’t know we had. Keep your favorite inspirations close — music, movies, friends — with themes of overcoming against all odds.

The Bare Bones

Full Moons are revelatory, and Scorpio sees into the hidden bones, the underpinnings, of things.

Spring is time of emergence, and has a different feel than the later Scorpio New Moon (lunar Samhain) in October. This is lunar Beltane, the night of purifying light. And it’s one for seeing the energetic spine of an issue. It might be one that has a psychic hold, whose roots take time and courage to dig out. If you’re wrestling with an issue, ask for clear messages, for your next right step in transforming it.

Unlike the dying time of the year — at Samhain — what’s illuminated now moves with the currents of emergence. Though it might not be an “easy” time, you might find it to be a productive one with lots of cathartic psychic hits.

Earth energies show us how to keep it real, by being awake to what’s going on around us. Great gains are made now from being resourceful and prioritizing what’s most important. These insights into the bones might call for extreme measures. But with Scorpiocity, we disengage from what’s draining us, and by stripping away needless drama, we fortify ourselves for the challenges ahead.

Total Engagement

Scorpio’s psychic-emotional power is both feared and respected. Releasing something at this Full Moon can feel daunting in some way — like it’s final, no turning back. Scorpio is often called the all-or-nothing sign. If you risk it, and surrender, the rewards are big.

The whole self is poured out, and mixed with the potent Full Moon energies. The release of certain emotions can be destructive, if there are wounds exposed. But the deluge is movement, and is a catalyst out of swampy stagnation. There’s a chance for a cleansing, and being renewed.

This Full Moon is tops for ritually marking a change. It’s a sign of healing, but in the Plutoniansense. The kind that means facing demons, walking through fear and embracing the whole range of experience.

Grounded Mysticism

The Scorpio-Taurus axis is about going deep, physically merging with Earth or energetically/sexually merging with a lover. At the Big Reveal of the Full Moon, you see what you’re enmeshed in — is it healthy or is it a toxic wasteland? Can the negativity be transformed, or is it time to make a clean break?

Coming to Your Senses

This full Moon emphasizes both kinds of roots, the psychic subterranean kind, and those that come from being parked in one spot. It’s timely for purging the excess, what takes you off your center. Scorpio’s regenerative force helps you clear out the psyche, and come home to feeling good.

Talking about coming home, I’d like to point out that Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs that seek security. Where is true security to be found in a time like ours?

Wise Scorpio finds it by plumbing the depths, and transforming again and again, to stand on a sense of real integrity. Instead of checking out, we gain soul power by withstanding, and being creative where we can, in the face of adversity. True confidence emerges when there’s nothing to fear within or without.


The following insightful information on the full moon in Scorpio comes from a delightful astrologer, Sarah Varcas and her Astro-Awakenings.uk:

“As we approach Wednesday’s Scorpio Full Moon and distance ourselves from the recent Sun/Saturn opposition we can best use this time to consider where in life we are skimming the surface in order to avoid the apparent darkness of depths we would prefer were not there.
“This is not an exercise in misery or some kind of morbid masochism but a gentle coaxing of our attention to the places where it does not naturally rest… Think of it as tending to a painful wound. We don’t bash it with a mallet to make it better. We bathe it in soothing warm water…”
“A Full Moon in Scorpio shines its light in the darkest places, encouraging us to peer in and see what’s there, even if only for a moment. So as we approach the coming Full Moon we can invite it in rather than dread its arrival, prepare a place at the table and plan for it to stay a while.
“In so doing we are holding out the wound we’ve been trying to avoid dealing with and asking for a healing balm to be applied. If the wound is deep it may hurt at the cleaning stage. I can’t deny that. But this is the pain of progress, of increasing consciousness, of the growth of wisdom.
It is the pain that says something is now happening which will bring you to wholeness in due course. It is a different pain to the one which says ‘go too deep here and you’ll never return’: the pain of fear, denial, of living a half life because so much is banished to the shadows.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Sarah Varcas. All Rights Reserved


He told no one, but I discovered in that afternoon that my brother had cancer and it had metastasized throughout his body. There was nothing we could do but plan his death. I knew he did not arrange for any will nor did he talk to anyone to make arrangements for his nine year old son’s future.

I did what I had to do, step up to the plate, I called my brother at his hospital bed and told him I would take care of his son. It was the only realistic possibility in our crazy family; as loving as many of them can be, the reality and complexity of their lifestyles makes me and my husband number one on the list of having the wherewithal to get the job done.

When I called, I just wanted to speak to the nurse to get the 411 on his diagnosis, I was afraid to speak to him but the nurse patched me into his room. I was afraid because I feared his pain, my pain and the sudden awful reality I was forced to deal with. Susan Miller mentioned, “The spirit of big dramatic endings and beginnings is afoot.” Yep, that was certainly happening and we were all experiencing the pain from a mega dose of Scorpio’s cosmic stinger. My brother’s life was ending and I was going to have a nine year old, a beginning of a lifelong mentorship.

This Full Moon is tops for ritually marking a change. It’s a sign of healing, but in the Plutonian sense. The kind that means facing demons, walking through fear and embracing the whole range of experience.

This is exactly what was happening; my brother was facing his fear of death, I was facing my fear of losing a loved one and there was nothing we could do but embrace the hard reality slapping our faces. Was there a sense of peace that would ultimately come forth from the challenge?

On that Friday, I was frantically making calls trying to find out what legal steps we had to take to insure his estate would be where it needed to be and the legal documents present to support his choice of guardians for his child. I used my psychic mojo and found the perfect lawyer. The woman was a diamond in the rough and she was willing to blow her Friday night for us to get the legal papers generated, she would also meet us at the hospital Saturday morning for his signatures. I whipped up finding some people that could serve as witnesses and the details were mostly ironed out.

Saturday morning, I arrived at the hospital, stepped into a stone tiled hallway, then into an elevator with metal doors and was heading up to my brothers room. My vision unfortunately did prove to become my reality in the most unexpected way.

I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t believe my brother was dying and there was nothing I could do about it. The whole event felt as if a cosmic force pierced an arm into the depth of my soul and tore out my guts. Thank God we managed to get Ms. Awesome to help us generate the legal documents. In my mind she was a legal angel. Fortunately, she came on that Saturday because my brother was slipping quickly and by Sunday he could not carry a clear conversation.

After he signed and the legal mission was completed, I stayed to talk to family for a while and then headed to his place with my sister. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I walked through his door. Before I fill you in on that, I will introduce you to my brother’s character.

We thought he was an ass! He was to us, a selfish jerk, cheapskate with very few friends. Anything spiritual would go right over his head as he never showed  too much emotional interest in others. Let me rephrase that; he never showed any emotional interest in others; he mainly cared about his bottom line, money and maybe sex with a hot chick. He was the kind of guy that would laugh at another persons’s misfortune. Most people were to him just a bunch of dumb f**ks. He really reminded us of a modern day Ebeneezer Scrooge.

So, with that description, you could understand my amazement when I walked through his apartment’s door and was practically knocked over by the strong odor of incense followed by the sight of spiritual stuff all over. He even had a mini altar of sorts. Books upon books of spiritual nature were stacked, piled, hoarded. It was overwhelming. Are you kidding me? I thought I walked into the twilight zone. CD’s, were towering high, all of spiritual nature. I also found a ton of Jewish stuff to the point which made me wonder, is he Jewish? He had a drawer full of yamakas in an array of colors. Every where I turned there was a star of David and he also had a dozen menorahs. His personal space revealed a part of my brother’s character that was hidden. There was so much more that was revealed and it made me dig deep into my reservoir of understanding and realize, I too was a terrific ass.

At my brother’s apartment, I paused a moment to ingest this side of him that I never knew and picked up a single die laying on his kitchen counter. I rolled it with the question in my mind, in how many days will he die? I counted the pips on the face and associated it with the number of days. It sadly turned out to be a correct indicator of the number of days he would live. 

There is so much more that started to come to light which was a constant reminder of a spiritual reality and an underlining cosmic orchestration. In one of my posts titled, I Almost Won the Lotto But Blew It Big Time, I talked about the weird coincidence of the Illinois Lottery having personally pertinent lottery numbers on the day before my 41st birthday. The numbers were 5-9-32-36-40. That was the last day I was forty, my deceased parents  birth years are 32 and 36. I thought the 5 was like a high five in heaven and the 9 was relevant to their birthdays. Well, there seemed to be more suggested by those numbers than I could have realized at the time until one night when my husband, kids, nephew and I went out to dinner and the waitress asked, “How many?” I was startled when I answered, 5. My brother’s son is 9 years old. So now I see the 5-9-32-36-40 in a slightly different light. Of course there are those of you who might say, “So, what! You’re fishing for something that is coincidental.” Let me just say this, one can get really tired of the coincidence excuse when the pattern of this stupid three syllable word is an occurrence at a pattern long enough to strip tires bald. 

When Varcus posted this, she really convinced me because this is what I have been doing for a long time:

“As we approach Wednesday’s Scorpio Full Moon (May 14, 2014) and distance ourselves from the recent Sun/Saturn opposition we can best use this time to consider where in life we are skimming the surface in order to avoid the apparent darkness of depths we would prefer were not there.”

My brother and I had a fight over a subject that was not trivial. I will talk about this at a later time. It is a subject of fate. It is what caused us to have a rift and it haunted him and it haunted me. This element was the root that caused my brother to seek his spiritual path and inspired his indulgence into the occult as a desperate measure to gain some insight into his life and what currents may have been responsible for influencing it. Yes, I was surprised when I walked into his apartment and thought I walked into an occult shop, but in truth, I should have known he had a yearning to understand life in an alternative form. He was seeking the wisdom of the ages to help heal a pain he endured from a life card dealt to him that was tragic.

On that subject, I gave him advice, but it was somewhat cruel yet truthful. However, I did not fulfill my duty as a good sister. I brushed off his pain and considered it somewhat self induced and tried to leave it at that but the subject was a darkness in depths we preferred not being there. I was haunted by his life and the sad event which allowed him to spiral to despair and made him resist his cancer treatment. His poor son had to witness his father suffer mentally and physically as my brother buried the truth of his cancer yet was deteriorating. I buried the truth that I needed to be there holding my brothers hand through his emotional hardship and allowed the foolish excuse of, “it is his life and his choice, if he needs me he should call.” So when I learned of his final state with the cancer, I was ripped to shreds with the cold hard truth of not being there for him. That buried reality came to the surface.

Death can be a clearing. I know that my brother was healed mentally and physically with his death. He feels no more pain. It was his spiritual wish. This sounds completely ubsurd to the non faithful but to an individual who’s had an encounter with a few spirits, it becomes the truth. When Vargus posts,

“In so doing we are holding out the wound we’ve been trying to avoid dealing with and asking for a healing balm to be applied. If the wound is deep it may hurt at the cleaning stage. I can’t deny that. But this is the pain of progress, of increasing consciousness, of the growth of wisdom.
It is the pain that says something is now happening which will bring you to wholeness in due course.”  
We all must make peace with death and that will bring an increasing consciousness and a growth of wisdom. I was beating myself up with the guilt trip but I also placed myself in the position of knowing I am here for my brother now as I am taking care of his little boy. It is an honor and I know we have passed the shadows to a new journey with hope and love with a memory of a wonderful brother and father who has taught me to never hold back my love, patience and forgiveness. In all the years I thought my brother was the Scrooge, never would I have imagined him gifting me with the life lesson I have learned through our trials and tribulations. The lessons ultimately turned out to be beautiful and good. Oh I miss him dearly and I do say to him, “You shit!” and “Damn it!” But I am embracing my new inner peace with the knowing and trust that he is with God, we are with God.
How do I know my brother is with God? Well, one night in my despair I commanded that he visit me in my sleep. “If you are really there please come to me in my dream,” I said. The moment I fell asleep, there he was sitting right next to me, talking to me. In the dream I was in shock, saying, “You are here, you are really here!” He was talking but I had now idea what he said because my eyes were bulging and I couldn’t do anything but say, “You’re here, you’re here, you are really here!” He really liked my husband and we were a bit surprised when we visited his apartment one day and the moment we walked in the room the television turned on; it was not on a timer, so to us it was a sign of his presence or was that just another one of those coincidences? I noticed another strange little tid bit which points to that notion of an intricate cosmically orchestrated reality we live in. My husband had a brother who died on the very same date of my brother’s son’s birthday; my brother died on the date of my husband’s deceased brother’s birthday. Strange!

Well, of course there is more I could post on this subject but I have tennis lessons I need to take the kids to, meetings with lawyers, a producer and definitely a few gym sessions so I might be off from posting for a little bit but I do hope you keep checking because I can guarantee the next one will be another doozy.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to read, follow or comment.  

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Why I am not a Christian but I believe in Jesus: A Post From a Messenger



On a YouTube post commenting on Richard Carrier’s video presentation, I promised to post something very radical to my fundamental ideology. The fundamental truth is that I never believed Jesus Christ was the singular incarnate son of God here on Earth but an interesting experience presented a form of evidence to me that a spiritual entity representing Jesus may actually exist. Do I believe this spiritual representation of Jesus was an unequivocal representation of the whole ideology of Christ as God being truth and definite? No. But it is of some interesting value to ponder over the subject as everything should be given a reasonable consideration.


I was raised by Catholic parents; they were raised by Catholics. I however broke the mental and spiritual bond through my own insights and experiences as a clairvoyant since I was a child.

I am not a Christian for that faith is based on the fundamental idea that we were born into sin and Christ, the only begotten son of God, had been sacrificed so that our sins may be forgiven. This notion was always preposterous to me. In my mind, I understood God to be that which created everything and everything was/is vastly complex. The level of consciousness/ intelligence needed for such a trick would be beyond the human mind’s capacity to understand. With the Genesis story in mind, I could not accept the ideals suggesting a demeaning characteristic in God’s psyche to be so judgmental and unforgiving or to even create life with flawed character and then damn the design. This would suggest that God is flawed.

The bible as it has been preached always found a poetic justification for these ideas. But in my awareness, this was poetry not truth. Generations upon generations of people have accepted these ideals as truth because they had no other alternative thoughts at the time. Now we have open global communication and ideas are exchanged freely as air. Some of the communication is positive and enlightening, while other uncivilized communication is cantankerous, a form of smog, toxic and of no beneficial substance.   Within these posts we share our inner values; some ideas help to navigate past old ideas that prove to be fictitious or detrimental to civilization, while other exchanges are examples of communities rigorously holding on to deeply rooted dogma. Depending on your current faith base you might find people like Richard Carrier’s and Bart Ehrman’s anti biblical prose offensive or you might find it refreshing. It will be interesting to see how long this cerebral tug of war will continue.

In my case, I could not accept the preaching about the ‘undeniable truth’  of Jesus as savior. Many scholars have presented enough evidence against the biblical text which cannot be legitimately brushed off as nonsensical debate.

If you read some of my other posts, you will know that I have experienced clairvoyance which has given me precognition of knowing one thing or another. Having experienced these things gave me a confidence to my awareness. I was certain Jesus was not God incarnate,  I believed he was an entirely mythical entity. Richard Carrier among other scholars would wholeheartedly agree based on the historical proofs they have on the bible. One early morning, I was shocked when I had a dream and Jesus was in it. Although, I’ve also dreamed that I was an actual Smurf in a Smurf village; this would suggest that all dreams are merely a trivial expression of the subconscious mind. I must say that this ‘Jesus’ dream had an element which gave it more credence than my Smurf dream (although that dream may be saying more than we realize). Please remember that I have had dreams which later proved to reveal a truth or an event that would come to pass. My mother’s cancer, the Haiti connection….In the dream I was greeted by Jesus; the space was airy, sun filled and he was wearing a light cream colored robe. I instantly knew who he was, we knew each other in an intimate brotherly/spiritual kind of way. We immediately hugged each other and from him emanated a wonderful profound love but I did not have the same feeling with him as I’ve had with God (Will discuss in another post); he was special but not God special. He seemed all business at the time as if his time was limited and he only came to express something of great importance to me. He took a hold of my right hand and impressed a symbol on it. When I looked at my hand I saw this glowing symbol.Image.

He then looked at me and said, “Maria, know what this means.” He was leaving now and I was devastated because I would miss him. It was a profound experience. You can’t even imagine. I was going to be apart from a dear friend, a spiritual brother. I woke up and was surprised to say the least. This was especially interesting to me because I have always dismissed the Jesus story as a myth. Now I was faced with this altering experience that made me dig deep into my well of consciousness to explain what that was all about. After the dream, I went on a mission to know the meaning of that symbol which was impressed on my hand. Although I am clairvoyant, I haven’t spent too much time researching symbols with their meanings, the various methods of divination or occult information. On occasion I would pick bits and pieces of information up but I was not a serious student of these subjects. I would accept an awareness if it came to me but I was too busy with real life pursuits to have the time to indulge in symbols or astrology.

Duh! One day I sat down and Googled symbols. When I came across “the symbol” it felt as if I was starring a ghost right in the face. That was it! Finally, I would know the meaning behind the message. The symbol was Mercury. Christian’s might say, “Oh, it is the sign of the devil, blah, blah, blah…” What Mercury really is, is a Greek representation for the planet Mercury, the closest and fastest moving planet to the sun. Mercury represents the Roman god Mercury as well as mythical god Hermes, the messenger of the gods. It contains the symbol of Venus which is the biological sign for woman. The horns or top crescent actually represented the winged hat of Hermes. According to astrology the association with Mercury is that its influence in a person’s chart relates to communication. It is said in astrology, when we meet an individual we are greeted with their Mercury influence. It represents thought processes, ideals, sensory information from the conscious and unconscious.

What is interesting about Mercury and how it connects to me is that my Mercury is in Pisces. All the things that I have claimed to be or  have described about myself is clearly identified in my Mercurial influence. My birth date dictates my astrological influence. If you have read some of my other posts I talk about the interesting thing about my golden birthday being 03-30-03, I turned 30. All of this has meaning that I am still in the process of discovering.

In Celtic areas, Mercury was sometimes portrayed with three heads or faces, and at TongerenBelgium, a statuette of Mercury with three phalli was found, with the extra two protruding from his head and replacing his nose; this was probably because the number 3 was considered magical, making such statues good luck and fertility charms. Might there be a connection to my birth date, my being a female and the Mercury connection.


Below are listed  attributes to the person with the Pisces (fish) influenced Mercury, you may find this information a bit more interesting once you’ve read through some of my other posts. What follows is a list of individuals with the Mercury in Pisces in their astrological chart. You might find some interesting people on that list.

Below is a long list of Mercury in Pisces attributes, consider that when you look at the list of people which have that chart element as well as understanding my claims.


Mercury in Pisces for the Advanced Man
(As always, much will depend upon the ray of the mental vehicle and the aspects to Mercury)

1. Mercury in Pisces—Strong imagination; the capacity to think pictorially.

2. Mercury in Pisces—A mind moving towards the exercise of intuition and the realization of “straight knowledge”.

3. Mercury in Pisces—A mind endowed with poetical and musical inclinations and abilities.

4. Mercury in Pisces—Acute mental receptivity.

5. Mercury in Pisces—A mind increasingly open to inspiration.

6. Mercury in Pisces—A mind which understands the value of silence—both in relation to thought and speech.

7. Mercury in Pisces—Perceptive capacities highly attuned to the detection of nuance, and to the “feeling-tones” associated with thought.

8. Mercury in Pisces—A ‘mystical’ mind, sometimes undervaluing knowledge.

9. Mercury in Pisces—An historical mind.

10. Mercury in Pisces—A mind operating more through the power of attraction than assertion.

11. Mercury in Pisces—A mind given to kindness in expression

12. Mercury in Pisces—A mind expressing a growing capacity to understand.

13. Mercury in Pisces—A mind moving towards the ability to unify and synthesize.

Mercury in Pisces for the Disciple or Initiate
(The usual exoteric and psychological interpretations are purposely not here emphasized).

1. Mercury in Pisces—Shedding the light which saves by ending all darkness. Of the Light characteristic of Pisces, D.K. says: “The Light of the World. This is the light, revealing the light of life itself. It ends forever the darkness of matter”.

2. Mercury in Pisces—Yet, the mind which can fathom the *dark* as that which is greater than the light. Penetrating cognitively into the “dark light” of Shamballa, and Its inscrutable Will.

3. Mercury in Pisces—The complete “falling away from” the *concrete* functioning of Mercury.

4. Mercury in Pisces—Straight knowledge through a highly sensitized capacity to be impressed; knowledge received without access to word or utterance.

5. Mercury in Pisces—The mind which deeply knows the hopeless limitations of words. Thus, the mind which *knows* more than it can ever speak, or even think.

6. Mercury in Pisces—The mind easily “over-shadowed” or “over-lighted”.

7. Mercury in Pisces—Pictorial-symbolic mind; fecund imagery, embodying the intuition. “A picture’s worth a thousand words”.

8. Mercury in Pisces—The silence of a realized synthesis.

9. Mercury in Pisces—The ‘mediumistic mind’; the ‘photographic’ recipient of higher impression.

10. Mercury in Pisces—The mind of the “mediator”, translating the content of the “arupa” or formless levels of life into the “rupa” or more ‘concrete’ levels.

11. Mercury in Pisces—The mind which accesses and thus *knows* the “Will of the Father”. Mine standing as sacrifice to the Will.

12. Mercury in Pisces— ‘Poetic’ mind. Fusing word and image in supra-rational combination.

13. Mercury in Pisces—Supra-logical mind.

14. Mercury in Pisces—A mind which intuitively understands the ways of Karma.

15. Mercury in Pisces—The mind sensitive to spiritual subtlety, to that something “far more deeply interfused”.

16. Mercury in Pisces—A mind better at the “Visualization Phase” of antahkaranic construction.

17. Mercury in Pisces—A mind sensitive to that which has been *evoked* by the projective/invocative phase of antahkaranic construction.

18. Mercury in Pisces—Thinking the thought and speaking the word which liberates through compassion.

19. Mercury in Pisces—The mind as an instrument for healing through love.

20. Mercury in Pisces—The soul-personality dialogue focuses upon sensitizing the personality to increasingly subtle impression.

21. Mercury in Pisces—The mind considered as an ‘instrument of sentiency’.

22. Mercury in Pisces—The soul/personality conflict generated by increased soul/personality communication centers upon the issue of how to condition the personality so that it accepts an increasingly sacrificial life.

23. Mercury in Pisces—The mind as “Registrant of the Purpose”.

24. Mercury in Pisces—Distinct capacity to ‘slip into’ the mind of another: ‘identificatory mind’.

25. Mercury in Pisces—A mind capable of standing aloof, of understanding from the perspective of one who is “in this world and yet not of this world”.

26. Mercury in Pisces—A mind capable of dissolving distinction, and hence, of overcoming the mentally-generated differentiations which produce illusion.

27. Mercury in Pisces—A mind adept at introducing buddhi to the realm of manas.

28. Mercury in Pisces—A mind which grasps the irreducible essence, unbaffled by appearances. This, of course, is the exact opposite of the Mercury in Pisces in the early days of evolution, when it is prey to every manner of glamor and illusion.)


How does this information prove anything about Jesus you may wonder? I will tell you this, I had no understanding of the symbol of Mercury, nor did I understand the “coincidental” astrological description of the characteristics I have for many years been claiming to have. This information came from a spiritual source (as Jesus imprinted me with the Mercury symbol) that had more awareness about me, my purpose and also of astrological meaning and coordination. “Seek and you shall find,” it has been said. My lesson from the Jesus dream suggests to me that Jesus is a spiritual entity, perhaps someone like the entity that has been described by Paul of Damascus but also by various cultures listed by various different names. I do not believe we go back to the notion of Jesus as the savior of all, the high holy, nor the bible is the sole source of truth. We should be humble with our attitudes, our ideology, not preach dogmatically and continue to be faithful in a more expansive way. Richard Carrier may have evidence that really conflicts with the long held ideology of Jesus and the bible. His purpose is to shake up our spiritual awareness so that we begin to be honest about not knowing everything. Does the fascinating evidence presented by the biblical scholars have the potential to dismantle our need for church? I don’t believe so for we are a tribal and herding species so we like to gather and enjoy life together. The time has come for people to acknowledge obvious truths, alter the churches’ old teaching ideals and become more engaging with alternative ways and concepts of God’s expressions to help part the veil of difference in ideology which has been a source of separation and hatred among people.

In my last post I talked about my interesting experience of communicating with a “psychic” because I desperately wanted to open my mind and discover the identity of my spiritual guide. After a crazy and eventful time, I was finally given a vision of my spirit guide. It was a black man wearing a loin cloth, his face was painted white, but the most fascinating thing I couldn’t help but noticing was the prominent third eye he had in the middle of his forehead. He was reclining on a large boulder/rock, he smiled and through clairaudience said to me, “My name is Nabu.”  I quickly ran to the computer and researched the name Nabu and was shocked to find that Nabu is an ancient Babylonian god that inspired and is associated to Hermes/Mercury.

Of course I had no idea of this connection. I am hoping that this synchronistic and coincidental information may start your mental gears rolling and understanding that there is a spiritual reality that we have to begin seeing because the evidence is there if one can choreograph their thinking patterns. All these things are pieces of a really big puzzle that is emerging slowly into focus.

Here is site link with information on Nabu. http://www.bythegods.net/post/55218030880


Nabu’s time was a difficult-to-define expanse between 2,000 BCE and 500 CE.

Nabu, biblical Nebo (interestingly, I am of Polish descent and the word Nabu is very close and could also be read as Niebo, meaning heaven),  major god in the Assyro-Babylonian pantheon. He was patron of the art of writing and a god of vegetation.

Goddesses associated with Nabu were Nana, a Sumerian deity; the Assyrian Nissaba; and the Akkadian Tashmetum, queen of Borsippa, stepdaughter of Marduk, and, as her abstract Akkadian name indicates, Lady of Hearing and of Favour. She was rarely invoked apart from her husband, Nabu, whose name means “speaking.” Thus, while Nabu speaks, Tashmetum listens.

I have claimed to have a message from God and my birth charting is helping me validate my claim. The message I speak of could be found in my post listed as the poem. Go ahead and read it and if you have it within you to be open to what I am saying then you should know that you will be reading a poem from God.


Here is a list of other individuals with the Mercury in Pisces . I think the individuals found on the list should show you the power of this Mercurial birth chart’s influence.

Roberto Assagioli
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
Johann Sebastian Bach
Bela Bartok
Charles Pierre Baudelaire
Alexander Graham Bell
Otto von Bismarck
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Giovanni Casanova
Edgar Cayce
Nicolaus Copernicus
Charles Darwin
Anthony Van Dyck
Galileo Galilei
Charles Goren
Manly Palmer Hall
William Harvey
Victor Marie Hugo
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
Charles Lindbergh
Abraham Maslow
Vaslav Nijinski
Francis Rakoczy
Wilhelm Reich
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Edmond Rostand
Dane Rudhyar
Arthur Schopenhauer
Rudolf Steiner
George Washington
William Wordsworth


Be open to infinite possibilities, and yes, God is with you.

Maria, P.C., M.O.G.



I’ve Been Busy With a Crazy Plan



Before you read this post, I just want to point out that my current preoccupation may sound like something a superficial celebrity hog would be interested in. That is not me at all (read my other posts to get to know me better). As a matter of fact, I love being private, according to my astrological chart, it presents my issue with privacy as an element of almost paranoia and something that I have to overcome in this life’s lesson. So that is what I am doing right now, trying to part with my desperate need for privacy and utilizing my bubbly extrovert personality for a spiritual quest of proving spirituality and God as a reality. My current plan may be a strange way to accomplish my objective but it’s all I have for now. Oh and yes, I realize the self description of needing privacy and having a bubbly extrovert personality sounds like an oxymoron but it is my truth. Most people that know me would never guess that I actually hate being in any spotlight. Only my husband and my children know my truth.


So I haven’t posted on my blog as I’ve been busy posting on other sites and setting myself up with a really wonderful producer who has worked with a superstar celebrity (this is related to my unique quest). Thank God he hasn’t found out what my age is or he would laugh his butt off and try to persuade me to sell some of my songs instead or recording them. Am I a Katy Perry or Adele, no, not at all, but I do have a really fun and interesting voice that is sufficiently good to be considered by a prominent producer. Besides, my voice seems to work perfectly with the songs I’ve written, so why the heck not.


I’ve mentioned that a flurry of creative juices started flowing following my experience with the supernatural God Poem event. Since that time, I’ve written some really fun and interesting music that appears to have the music industry’s interest. This year I decided I need to get cracking or my talent will be wasted but more importantly, my potential for getting a public footing. The industry can talk to the hand with the conformity they propagate on age discrimination, especially since the medical and scientific industries are promising technologies that will expand our longevity to the hundreds.  If we are expected to commonly become centenarians then we are going to have to modify what our idea of what old is. So, a new artist starting out in the music industry currently has to be in the teens or early twenties. I’ll try my luck to see if we can change that long held standard.


My whole purpose for giving this project of mine a go is to place myself in a position of leverage in order to present my very real experiences with the supernatural. I’ve tried to contact scientists to consider taking tests and scanning my brain to do some legitimate research but my communication has been ignored. Fine. I’ll become a superstar and then someone may open a door and work with me and then take my stories seriously. Yes, this is my crazy plan.


I’ve talked about the very cool thing about astrological birth charts and how they can very accurately present characteristics of your being and also of your future. The interesting thing I’ve discovered is that there is an element to my chart that presents my future of being famous either now or posthumously. When I read this, I was suddenly frightened, not with the idea of dying but of becoming known after death; I was stricken with sadness because I would hate not to meet people that may be interested in meeting me and getting a firsthand experience of interacting with a total goof ball but when I talk about God and important subjects or morality, spirituality, faith… then the playtime face is switched off.


Just yesterday, I discovered  a sign on my hand that represents the accumulation of wealth and fame; isn’t that interesting how a natal astrology chart can coincide with palmistry. Neat! Let’s get started. Do I really want fame, not at all but I do want to be taken seriously when I talk about my spiritual experiences and maybe fame might help that process. If I become wealthy you will never hear me becoming the sort like the “Bishop of Bling.” The more I have, the more people will get. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. There is one thing for certain, Nothing is going to happen until I roll up my sleeves and get cracking. So that is what I am up to these days. I found a fantastic music/entertainment lawyer; I have a fantastic producer that wants to work with me (I am always open to meeting and greeting others, if you know of anyone that might be of interest to me, please pass the word), I’ve been working out trying to get rid of the karmic weight gain (I talk about this in my post on karma); the scary thing I’m facing now is the contract issue. Several of the producers I’ve been in touch with heard the songs and suddenly started talking about wanting a cut of the royalties; I want to be fair because that is what I love to do but I don’t want to get nabbed in a complicated nightmare contract. I should just tell the producer, “Hey, read my blog.” Maybe he’d get the point of not trying to potentially pull a fast one on me. But, if I referred the producer to my blog, he would most likely drop communication with me like a hot pancake because this is weird and intense stuff I talk about here.


Anyhow, it’s fun when I come across the nifty astrological chart information and the palmistry tips but I mainly live my life like everybody else by just going with the flow and trusting my intuition. It’s fascinating to see a correlation of intuition and a unique spiritual expression like astrology or palmistry to confirm your personal will as being the one that has been already planned for as some of the unique prognostication methods reveal. Crazy religious zealots have demonized astrology and palmistry as evil and occult because the church said so, but as we have known, information has been tainted and concurrently misunderstood. These sorts of arts are actually, I believe, a miraculous expression of God as the all knowing, all powerful orchestrator of the universe and your destiny within it.


Friends, wish me luck!


Talk to you soon,

Maria, P.C., M. O. G.

Chicks and Karma: My Personal Story That Might Get Your Mental Gears Rolling

2165926-street_fighter___maki_by_genzomandownload (1)

O.K., so I’m a clairvoyant and I’ve received messages from God, sounds nutty and outrageous but if you’ve been reading my posts maybe you’re starting to get the impression that I am not pulling your leg and genuinely stand by my claims. Despite these holy moly types of experiences, I’m not immune to human interactions which seem to express primitive tendencies. Specifically, I’ve had some encounters with bitchy women, and boy, some of these confrontations have gotten ugly.

Chicks get possessive but the chick that gets possessive over my man better watch out because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially this woman. Over the years, I’ve found many woman working in my husband’s health field evoking particularly arrogant characteristics. Remember, I’m a blonde, I may appear superficial but don’t judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, many woman working for my husband have placed themselves in an antagonistic stance against me. Maybe I should have told them, “Hey, I’m clairvoyant, periodically God chit chats with me and if you cross me you’ll regret it.” I’d probably hear a background smirk of, “*&%$!* weirdo!” or, “Get the restraining jacket.” Yeah, whatever! At least no one could say that I didn’t warn them.

One particular woman who worked for my husband was a total sweetheart until a switch flipped. She started saying things that really got my attention and I began to suspect that maybe she was having an affair with my husband. Of course like every man, he vehemently denied anything ever happened and blamed her behavior on early menopause. One year at the belated office holiday party, the woman stood behind my husband and started to give him a back rub. Sadly, I had a martini that bulldozed my ability to clearly converse with her or beat the crap out of her, but I did get a few verbal jabs. My mind however was clear thinking and my mind spelled, WTF! What is going on here? This *%$#! is having an affair with his sleazy assistant. As soon as I jumped in his car after the party I exclaimed, “Get a lawyer, I want a divorce!” The flood gates opened and the shit hit the fan.

He claimed, “I didn’t even notice she was rubbing on my back, I swear….” This was all bullshit (at least that’s what I though his answers resembled at the time). On Monday,  he told his assistant he felt what she did was inappropriate and he gave her a verbal warning. She stormed out of his office and didn’t come back that after noon. The next day she came back, walked into his office and said, “Do me a favor, I won’t talk to you about my personal business and you don’t talk to me about yours.” That statement basically confirmed to me that these two had some personal conversations and potentially more (he once again claimed that he had no idea what she was talking about; I do have to admit, if he was keeping a dark secret  he wouldn’t have mentioned her statement to me). The details on what ensued are a bit foggy after a few years but it essentially came down to her asking him, “Are you firing me?” and he answered, “Yes!” She stormed out of his office swearing. Of course she applied for unemployment and he had to cover some of the costs because he fired her without giving her a written warning. I filled out some of the appeal forms and clearly expressed how she caused distress to our family with her unprofessional behavior.

Yeah, I was stressed! I wondered, how could God fix me up with a cheating loser (see my post on karma to know why I say God fixed me up with my husband)? I had a hard time believing him but then I thought back on the time when I experienced my own version of shameful behavior and recognized karma at play. The details on that is another story but for now I’ll just say that I realized, if anything ever happened between those two, I’d have to let it go.

I did let it go and that was a hard thing to do but it got easier as the weeks turned into months. I did have a nagging feeling; it was very strong and I couldn’t shake it. I felt that the woman was talking about me in a defamatory way, I felt she was laying it on thick and hard. First of all, everything she did put me through mental hell and I was pissed and now with the nagging feeling of her bad mouthing me, I was not at peace.

One day I said a prayer and expressed to the spirits and God, “Please help me with this feeling I am having and bring some clarity to me.” What happened next is synchronicity at play. That day I had a doctor’s appointment in the town my husband’s practice is in; I decided to pick up some dinner from a Greek restaurant I’ve never stopped at before. There was a twenty minute wait before the food was ready so I decided to stop at the dollar store next to the restaurant. When I entered, I overheard the woman behind the cash register talking about her cousin having a health issue that happened to be related to my husband’s specialty. After picking up a few gadgets, I headed for the register and began talking to the woman about the health subject I overheard her speaking of. I said, ” I know a little bit about this because that is my husband’s specialty.” She said, “Oh yeah, who’s your husband?” When I told her his name, her jaw dropped and she said, “Dr. B, Dr. B, damn that’s my nigger, that is my nigger!” Her lingo meant that she loved my husband as a person. The woman (I’ll call her Rose) was the shop owner and a pleasantly expressive African American. She was so much fun to talk to; I fell in love with her charm instantly. We were two kindred spirits that knew how to be jolly and expressive. We were having so much fun talking with each other, I ended up staying for an hour. I told Rose, “Hey, if Dr. B is your nigger then you are my cracker baby, cuz I love ya!” That was not a phrase she was familiar with and that left her with a perplexed look on her face; I hoped she figured it was meant to be an expression of admiration.

The conversation suddenly got interesting and my prayer was getting answered. Rose suddenly put two and two together and realized, this is Dr. B’s wife. She told me her husband had a general doctor and his new assistant was my husband’s former assistant who was fired. She told me that the woman started talking to her about me describing me as a jealous nut job that was paranoid. She (the former assistant) forgot to mention all the bull crap she did to piss me off and get me to react like a typical scorned wife. Anyhow, I knew the assistant wasn’t just talking about me to Rose but also to anyone who would listen. This is an act of defamation and I passed the message to my husband who called the other doctor to speak to his assistant and cease the slander or get a call from our lawyer. Of course the assistant denied it but Rose was willing to testify if the circumstance called for it.

Better than any legal action, I talked to the big kahuna (God); I was so angry, I finally said, “Get rid of her. I don’t care how you do it- just do it (I didn’t mean in a fatal way just in a creative non-threatening way).” This is why people should be very careful when they are naughty because God and karma will come and bite them.

After meeting Rose and having my intuition confirmed, I asked my super bud to get rid of the nuisance. At the very same time, the former assistant’s husband lost his job and found another position in Texas. Their whole family was relocating. Wow, how perfect! If you are silly enough to think the circumstance was just another coincidence go on and continue kidding yourself but this has not been the first time my request has materialized and I know it will not be the last.

Yes, asking God to “Get rid of her!” is kind of mean but I knew God was going to do what needed to be done to teach her a lesson. Don’t mess with the girl who loves God and does everything for God because you just won’t win. Ultimately, I can’t hold on to a grudge and I wish this woman all the best in Texas; we all have to overcome weaknesses and constantly have to remind ourselves to be good. If we are good and genuinely ask God to show something amazing, maybe, just maybe, we might get lucky enough to witness the mysterious magic of God and spirituality but that can only happen if we are open to the possibilities.

By the way, it is entirely possible that my husband really was innocent, the woman may never have done anything but rubbed his back and talked some smack, but she did rub his back and she should have apologized (it’s not as naughty as a lap dance but between co-workers it is definitely a line crosser). She should have been honest with herself and realized-I wouldn’t want some chick rubbing my husband’s back-and she certainly shouldn’t have talked negatively about me. Everyone who knows my husband and me think there is no chance what so ever of such a thing but only God knows what really happened; I think we are human and everyone can have a week moment. I’m so thrilled that it is all in the past now. I’m sharing the story because it serves as a clear example of karma and demonstrates that life works like an intricate domino assembly with every piece of the puzzle falling into its own unique place affecting the chain of events which follow.


Thanks for liking this post or following my blog. If it wasn’t for you, I would have to do more ironing ;)

Best to you all,

Maria P.C., M.O.G.


The Man That Should Be on 2014’s Exceptional People of The Year List


Honestly, the man I will be introducing you to should be considered one of the most inspirational people of the decade.  As usual, it is no surprise that great things come in small packages. The inconspicuous man with a story that could be lost in one’s memory faster than a news blurb, happens to be someone really worth remembering. The little guy who barely makes five feet has a life story that should inspire you to know, “Yes you can!” Under any circumstance you should trust the power of faith in yourself without question.

 Wael Farouk’s story made it to the front page of the Chicago Tribune this last Sunday, April 6, 2014, under the article titled, Slight of Hands, I would have titled the article, The Mini Man Who Could Play Rachmaninoff. Farouk was born with a condition of unusually short ligaments; this condition impairs his ability to make a fist, open a jar, even hold his shirt. As a child, he couldn’t hold a spoon and would drop his drinking cup. A therapist told his parents to give him something to strengthen his grip, so they gave him a rubber ball but he kept dropping it. When he turned three, his parents gave him a blue plastic toy piano. He would tap on the keys and within weeks he was able to imitate music he heard on T.V. and on the radio. By five, he began playing at the church services throughout Cairo.

Needless to say, after many naysayers vented their skepticism throughout the years, Farouk proved them wrong. The little guy who’s feet barely touch the piano pedals is playing some of the most technically challenging pieces ever composed by Rachmaninoff, who happened to be 6’6″ tall with hands that can span the piano keys an octave and a half. Even if Farouk would be a 6’2″ man, his level of performance would make him an impressive pianist but combined with his compact size and ligament condition, this makes Farouk a true gem, and an inspirational outlier.


The diminutive, soft spoken man with the passion of a virtuoso will be performing, “A Tribute to Rachmaninoff” this Thursday, April 10th, at the Rudolf Ganz Memorial Hall, Roosevelt University, 430 S. Michigan Ave. Seventh floor, 7:30 p.m. It’s a free concert, so there is no excuse not to come if you are in the Chicago area. Please do check out the wonderful article by JS Cohen (jscohen@tribune.com and Twitter@higherednews) at http://www.chicagotribune.com/videogallery/79756260/Wael-Farouk-A-piano-virtuoso

Fact over Fiction on Diet


First and foremost, I want to thank all of you who have liked my posts and/or decided to start following my blog. Without your interest and support I would have to do more ironing or something ;)


Sadly, we are barraged by hogwash information every single day. One subject on a perpetual debate battle ground is the four letter word, diet. The subject is dear to my heart and mind because as a mother, I am a first-hand witness of the Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde effect dietary choices have on my kids, especially after eating something like cake, cookies, ice cream or a bag full of candy. Their behavior and focusing ability is unquestionably compromised after such indulgences, so I can easily tell how diet effects one’s thinking and I don’t find it difficult to rationalize how long term consumption of particular foods can optimize your health or undermine it. The slew of information in the pontifical dietary brew can incapacitate an individual from making shrewd decisions. I post my humble thoughts on this subject on several blogs, one of my favorites is rawfoodsos.com, by Denise Minger. She is such an entertaining, sprightly writer with a knack for expressing her ideas on diet and research methods. Her blog attracts some very interesting people and commentary.


On Minger’s blog, Richard, a follower/commentator, has a lot to say on the subject of foods rich in saturated fats as having negative effects in the body. His post can actually sound somewhat convincing with its technical jargon on the subject. Below is part of that post followed by my commentary (Richard’s remaining information will be found at the end of this post along with a link in case you are interested). I hope you consider reading the phenomenal books by the inspiring authors I mention, Dr. Matthias Rath, Why Animals Don’t Get  Heart Attacks But People Do, and Dr. Perlmutter’s Grain Brain.


Richard posts:

I hope you also share some light to the strengths of diet-heart, not just critique. I think this is one of the stories that your readers get wrong as well:


The closet to definitive types of studies supporting diet-heart are not observational, they comes from 4 independent lineages of research

1) Thousands of animal studies showing that saturated fat and dietary cholesterol accelerates atherosclerosis across virtually every type of vertebrate, and that they are the sine qua nons for the dietary modification of experimental atherosclerosis. This includes mammalian, avian and fish species- herbivores, omnivores and carnivores, and over one dozen different species of nonhuman primates. Again this cannot be attributed to the way that the animal was raised as when taking into consideration the amount of antioxidants and carotenoids as well as the lack of cholesterol, tropical plant fats high in lauric, myristic and palmitic acids will also accelerate atherosclerosis in animals to a similar degree as saturated animal fats.


My thought on the information presented:

Maria, P.C., M.O.G. Your comment is awaiting moderation


Your response comment is very interesting. I am particularly intrigued by the following information in your post:
1) Thousands of animal studies showing that saturated fat and dietary cholesterol accelerates atherosclerosis across virtually every type of vertebrate, and that they are the sine qua nons for the dietary modification of experimental atherosclerosis. This includes mammalian, avian and fish species- herbivores, omnivores and carnivores, and over one dozen different species of nonhuman primates.


The following information completely refutes your fictional facts (people, this is a perfect example of why you need to be informed and skeptical until you tirelessly research subjects).

I would suggest you read and research information on why animals don’t get heart attacks. A book written by Dr. Matthias Rath: Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks but People Do (Aug 2003) demonstrates that cardiovascular disease is an aftereffect of insufficient levels of vitamin C. Animals have a gene that produces infinite amounts of the antioxidant and they do not suffer with cardiovascular disease. Experts know that a heart attack in the majority of the vertebrate animals is not possible because they have this functioning gene; few animals such as the guinnie pig has this gene non functioning and they can actually develop atherosclerosis. According to research Dr. Perlmutter presents in his book, Grain Brain. He informs us that no amount of oranges, wheat grass…or vitamin C can combat the body’s production of free radicals and a diet rich in DHA can actually switch on the human gene/protein which produces infinite amounts of antioxidants appropriate to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.


Can mega doses of vitamin C reverse cardiovascular disease? Does eating saturated fats or high glycemic foods have anything to do with cardiovascular disease? Dr. Rath’s book contains images showing test subjects of mice which do not have the capacity to develop cardiovascular disease unless the specific gene responsible for the production of vitamin C is turned off. Anatomical anomalies may produce a symptom mimicking heart attacks but the experts know such a diagnoses is in all actuality a misdiagnoses. Images reveal atherosclerosis in the test subjects with gene modification inhibiting the vitamin C and a reversal of the damaged, plaque clogged arteries when a mega dose of vitamin C is administered.  Fundamental to cardiovascular health is an abundance of antioxidants. Dr. Perlmutter, a neurologist whose statements refute Dr. Rath’s argument in that he suggests the implausibility of supplemental antioxidants or vegetarian diets as having the potential to make a difference against not only environmental free radicals but also extensive free radicals naturally produced as a by product during the ATP energy production of the Mitochondria. He points to an optimal paleolithic diet as a sound dietary foundation with sufficient brain healthy fats such as DHA as having the capacity to switch on the body’s ability to be a powerhouse of antioxidant production. Also, Perlmutter presents a rich volume of information revealing low saturated fats in the body and low cholesterol levels as being an indication of various neuro degenerative conditions.

I’d say, Dr. Rath has some convincing images and study information. Although Dr. Rath discusses reducing cholesterol levels in his book, he does not have a neurologist’s background or recent research information supporting higher fat  and cholesterol levels as essential to neurological health helping prevent conditions such as dementia, Parkinson, M.S.,Alzheimer, depression and even conditions such as A.D.D., A.D.H.D, Autism. The fact that the two doctors have a universal message of prioritizing levels of antioxidants is a good thing because we can 1.) Take mega doses of vitamin C, turmeric… as per Dr. Rath’s suggestions and 2.) Eat a low glycemic diet rich in foods with healthy fats and supplements (such as DHA) which is suppose to help your body realign itself to produce its own antioxidants. Following such regimens seems to be an optimal method for maximizing brain and heart health.

Yep, diet is an important subject to me, not just because I have children that can seem demonically possessed when eating obviously bad foods, but because of the research doctors such as Perlmutter present showing the correlation of poor diets with some very serious mental and physical degenerative conditions. I make the claim that I am a clairvoyant and can channel information from God/spirits/the universe and one may very quickly begin to ask, “Does this girl have a Grain Brain?” I eat a super clean diet full of DHA’s and organic meats and produce, grain free. I hope, the healthier my brain and body will be, the more I will be able to receive these amazing messages and or experiences and share the stories with you; I need to keep my energy up in my process of trying to convince the world that subjects like clairvoyance, synchronicity, or OBE’s are not fantasy, mythical ideas but real phenomenon that need open minded researchers to uncover the mysterious science founding such possibilities.  I am excited to share this truly amazing dietary information with you so that it may help you in your search for some reasonable information on this highly debatable subject and hopefully direct you to food choices that will offer an abundance of health and happiness.


Poor Richard. Unfortunately, many articles on NCBI are highly questionable. The background of the researchers and their funding support must be publicly displayed with their research in order to remotely consider the reports published as untainted by purposeful partiality.

Richard’s commentary continued from http://www.rawfoods.com:


2) Hundreds of rigorously controlled metabolic ward studies establishing that dietary cholesterol and saturated fat elevate LDL and total cholesterol. The cholesterol raising effects of saturated fat is not the result of how the animal was raised as tropical plant fats high in lauric, myristic and palmitic acids will also raise total and LDL cholesterol.

3) Meta-analysis of 108 randomized controlled trials with 300,000 subjects and with a mean follow-up of only three years establishing that lowering LDL significantly reduces both coronary heart disease and all-cause mortality independent of changes to HDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and non-lipid effects of specific interventions.

4) A meta-analysis of mendelian randomization studies with over 312,000 individuals demonstrated that inheriting any of nine studied genetic variants that modify lifelong LDL cholesterol concentrations, but not any other known risk factors predicted a 55% lower risk of coronary heart disease for each mmol/l (38.7 mg/dl) lower LDL cholesterol. This represents a three-fold greater reduction in coronary heart disease per lower unit of LDL cholesterol than the statins trials which lasted only 5 years and the average participant age was 63. The p-value for this finding was 0.000000000000000000843. This is also expected to also translate into a 3 fold lower risk of all-cause mortality. The authors concluded:

“We found no evidence of any heterogeneity of effect on the risk of CHD per unit lower LDL-C among any of the polymorphisms included in our study. This lack of heterogeneity of effect strongly suggests that the results of our study are unlikely to be significantly confounded by pleiotropy or linkage disequilibrium because it is unlikely that each of the included polymorphisms are acting through similar pleiotropic effects or have similar linkage disequilibrium patterns… This finding suggests that the effect of long-term exposure to lower LDL-C on the risk of CHD appears to be independent of the mechanism by which LDL-C is lowered. Therefore, the method of lowering LDL-C is likely to be less important than the magnitude and timing of LDL-C reduction. As a result, diet and exercise are probably as effective at reducing the risk of CHD as are statins or other treatments that lower LDL-C when started early in life (and when measured per unit lower LDL-C).”

These can be considered the strongest lines of evidence for the diet-heart, with other lines of evidence simply adding confidence to the hypothesis.

The most relevant models for human atherosclerosis come from the experiments performed with non-human primates. It has been observed that the long-term feeding of cholesterol and saturated fat has resulted in heart attacks, sudden death, development of gangrene, softening on the bones and numerous other serious complications in nonhuman primates. For example, it has been shown that when diets rich in cholesterol and saturated fat are fed to monkeys of the genus Macaca, including the rhesus monkey and the crab-eating macaque, they experience heart attacks at approximately the same rate as high-risk populations living in developed nations. Armstrong and colleagues induced severe atherosclerosis in rhesus monkeys by feeding a diet with 40% of calories from egg yolks for 17 months. The egg yolks were then removed from the monkeys diet and replaced with a cholesterol-free diet with either 40% of calories from corn oil or low-fat chow with 77% calories from sugar for three years, resulting in a reduction of serum cholesterol to <140 mg/dl and a marked regression of atherosclerosis.

Unfortunately, these lines of evidence have been consistently neglected by the promoters of saturated fat confusion. As noted by Stamler to the proponents creation stories:

“To neglect this fact in a review about humans is to imply that the Darwinian foundation of biomedical research is invalid and/or that there is a body of substantial contrary evidence in humans. Neither is the case”.




Why I could have been $19 million dollars richer this morning but blew it big time.

ImageImage Image

Holly crap! You all know today is my birthday  (if you’ve read my 03-30-03  thing) Well numbers that I have loved and SHOULD have played yesterday would have made me a millionaire.  The Illinois Lottery numbers yesterday were: 3-5-9-32-36-40. The forty is glaringly obvious, yesterday was the last day I was 40, my deceased parents birth months and years, my mom 3-36, dad, 9-32, my 40 and maybe a 5 for a high five from heaven.

I was in the process of typing up my note with my God poem when my sister called to wish me a happy birthday and mention the winning lottery numbers. I’m a schmuck! I’ve actually played those numbers this year as I think about my parents all the time and my 40 years of age.  O.K. so I’m not 19 million dollars richer this morning, at least I can consider that a message from my parents in heaven.  Oh, but this is a very bitter pill to swallow and how ironic, I was just typing, “I don’t have to be a lottery winner to be happy but I would like a few more vacations especially in cold winters like the last one. My sister called and as far as I’m concerned, she dropped a bomb!

I am going to take a walk/breather; I need the beautiful warm fresh air after that one. I’ll be posting my “Poem” later tonight. But this is as fine of an example as any; I am a magnet for such weird coincidences and if you’ve read my post on that subject, you know that coincidence is a foolish word we’ve attached to things we can’t explain.


Fantastic post you should check out on precognition and intuition.

In the digital world, it’s seems like forever since I last posted; I was on a much overdue sabbatical, skiing, meditating, going within. I was a bit nervous about not posting during that time but something was preventing me from doing so, as if my quill was broken or a door was shut to my mind. The universe was not allowing me to do anything but revive my senses.

In my Polish cultural background, there is a saying, “He who rushes brings merriment to the devil.” I have learned the truth to this phrase in a hard way. Nevertheless, it is a reminder to slow down. With our constantly being bombarded with information, emails, news…we definitely need to learn to quiet our minds, think, process what is important to us, and with patience and peace of mind, we should methodically set new goals for joy and progress. If we do not become mindful, we are setting ourselves up to becoming victims of someone’s persuasion, we can become ill, depressed or we risk not going with the flow of the universe and that always seems to get us into rough waters.

As with my grass post, I needed to trust in the universe to guide me, to let me feel when the timing was right to start posting again and get into the groove of things. I did go with the flow and thrillingly came across a wonderful post  as my muse that should be a wonderful inspiration to you as well. If you are a follower of my blog, or happen to be visiting you are most likely interested in the subject or faith, spirituality, evidence of such things, global consciousness, coincidences, synchronicity….The post I came across today that is really neat is written by Lissa Rankin titled, 7 Stories That Will Change Your View of Human Intuition. She presents stories of people experiencing remarkable things such as the story of a neurologist with an amazing track record for success in surgery; he describes not starting a surgery until he would see a white light surrounding a patient’s head.  Some people might run and never consider such a doctor seriously and that is a shame because his track record is the proof in the pudding. Rankin posts about people knowing things that should not have been known, such as the story of a mother not purchasing a house because her gut was telling her not to and then discovering that her child would have been attending the Sandy Hook Elementary School and would have been there on the day of the tragedy. It’s a fantastic post on http://www.care2.com and I highly recommend you check it out. I especially love it because these types of stories builds credence to my experiences.

The writer is in the process of writing a book and is inviting people with their amazing stories of knowing things that should not have been known. Of course I posted a comment with an invitation for people to see my site and for Rankin to consider using one of my stories in her book. If you haven’t seen all of my posts, go ahead check them out and please post one of your amazing stories of knowing something that shouldn’t have been know, an example of synchronicity or whatever you think might be relevant to our interests of spirituality, etc.

Here is a review of some of the posts I have made about things that I knew but under conventional wisdom should not have known: A dream of my mother revealed (symbolically) her having an invasive cancer, the post on karma when I knew my husbands co-worker did voodoo and was going to get cancer in a month as karmic debt, the synchronicity event which lead to knowing and being told (clairaudiently) four people died in a Chicago fire and there was going to be a fifth, how I unknowingly predicted the future teams in the 2013 World Series game in a fictional story written in August about the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals as being in the 2013 World Series  and how I was told (clairaudiently) a few weeks prior that the Red Sox team was going to win, a dream’s revelation combined with a clairaudient message revealing the Haiti event of 2010, how I received clairaudient assistance with a song which revealed a perfect bridge in an instant which I did not create but heard….

Oh my gosh, there is so much more that I will post  so please keep visiting my site. I hope the information I share of my personal experiences and of any wonderful inspirational post links to other evidence based concepts supporting a new unconventional reality will help you in your life’s journey. Skeptics are useful in some respects but they can be blind when seeing and hearing of amazing examples of precognition and yet discounting such things as unrealistic; they are examples of people pursuing flawed science.

We are part of a remarkable existence with a fundamental supernatural/spiritual base that is slowly revealing itself to those willing to keep an open mind.

Here is the link to Rankin’s post: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/7-stories-that-will-make-you-believe-in-miracles.html#comment-6205246


I have previously posted my clairaudiently received poem from God and will be re-posting it this Sunday on my birthday March 30. Please visit if you would like to see it.

Is there proof of karma?


These are great images representing the concept of Karma. Most people have some fantastic story of witnessing karma in action. I have a few I would like to share and I welcome your stories and would love to post them so my fantastic new friends following my blog will enjoy your amazing tales.

OK, we are told, “Never to judge a book by its cover nor a person by their skin.” Yet, time and time again people do just that, they judge and  perhaps want to take action against the targeted person. Wise individuals head the lesson of karma. Foolishly, some discount such things as fictional fantasy with no proof in sight. It is also said, “It is better to be safe than sorry.”

In 1997, my then boyfriend, now husband and I were going on a trip; we announced that we were planning to elope. My boyfriend’s staff was judgmental of me, perhaps for their own idea of a valid reason; some might think I look like a superficial blonde. If you have been reading my blog you should know by now that nothing could be further from the truth. They wanted to take matters into their own hands; one specific young lady orchestrated the dark scheme they would play out. Before we left for our trip the young lady gave me a bag which contained our wedding present. When the bag reached my hands, I instantly had a knowing that she did voodoo on me. I didn’t even see the material inside. A thought came to me, that her karmic debt for this was that she was going to get cancer in a month.  When we reached our destination, I opened the bag and pulled out the contents of their kindness. Inside was a black lingerie and a black square candle. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that black is not the typical color of a gift one gives for a wedding. Circles represent infinity and squares have ends, i.e. the square candle. One might say, “Maria you are digging and it may be a random thing.” It was not, I am not wrong about such things.

Nevertheless, the lady was diagnosed with leukemia a month later. After eighteen months or so she went into remission and stopped by on a Monday to say that she wanted to come back to work for my husband’s office. The Friday of that same week her cancer returned. Was this karma or coincidence?

This may sound like a terrifying story but it is one that reveals never to play with fire if one does not want to get burned. Karma is the fire.

What this girl did not know was that I engaged my husband from the beginning after I received a spiritual message from my spirit guide. I knew the man that is now my husband but did not have any romantic feelings towards him until I heard, “This will be your husband.” When the spiritual dimension speaks, I listen and I pursued him because after that moment I felt as if cupid himself shot me with his love arrow. It was instant, and from that moment I was head over heals in love with that man. The lady did something that should never been done by anyone; she tried to instill harm and darkness into a situation that was choreographed by God.

Years later, I visited another psychic and she immediately could tell that someone had done voodoo on me and she managed to describe the girl perfectly. The psychic told me about the voodoo even though I did’t even ask about it? Her perception was just another confirmation of my intuition. The psychic wanted to know if I wanted a cleansing and purification from the dark deed, I decided not to do anything because I trust in God’s actions in the mysterious behind the scenes methods of operation.

I myself earned some karmic debt after foolishly allowing myself to get arrogant for just one moment. After the birth of my second child, I began praying hard for guidance to the best methods of loosing weight. I was guided to the actions I needed to take to lose residual poundage. At 5’3″ I got down to a fantastic 105 lbs. I was thrilled but the joy was going to be short lived. One day I said, “Gosh, why don’t these people just stop eating junk and maybe they’ll lose weight.” My spirit guide said, “Oh, really.” I should have known better than to get cocky. In that moment, I knew something was going to occur that was going to make me gain all that weight back and then some. Shortly thereafter, stress from a building project flooded my system and I had lost control of my discipline. I started to drink alcohol again to relieve the stress and the weight came back like a raging bull. I learned my lesson and I have been praying for forgiveness; I have been praying in desperation for the lesson to stop because I learned just how difficult it can be to not have discipline without the good grace of God.  Now the clouds are parting and I am gaining a foothold over the situation. I have learned a very important lesson, be humble and always be kind.

ss-machiavelli                         Game-Theory

There is scientific proof of karma. As I have said many times for many years, science will reveal the truth of God and God’s true path for living. Religion is a tradition ingrained with emotion, but science is God’s design and it is without debate. If you drop an apple, it will fall. If it will not rain, there will be a drought. Science does not get into concepts such as curses by demons or cultural religious practices but it does reveal pure and verifiable truth. One observation one should make is in the mathematical proof of game theory by John Nash; this postulate has been used in computer design, programming, economics….What this mathematical principal reveals is that there is an intrinsic design in nature calling for a symbiotic equilibrium with a positive result occurring whenever an action is taken that positively serves you and the recipient of the action. This very much sounds like the golden rule and karma doesn’t it? Game theory is mathematical science and it is applicable to more than just scientific or economic applications; it applies to our personal daily actions.

Is there an equation for intelligence? Yes. It’s F = T ∇ Sτ. This is a formula presented by Alex Wissner-Gross on Ted talks. It further verifies my hypothesis. His formulaic presentation shows that optimal and infinite outcomes are always the final order of nature be it natural,  man made machines (robotics) or artificial intelligence. Please view the fantastic presentation on Ted Talks. This is a scientific presentation, but it can be seen as a social and spiritual revelation to learning to work cooperatively for infinite positive outcomes.


So the next time you might want to give a dirty look, curse someone, get too preachy with your religious dogmas (yes, I do think science trumps religion), or if you are a fanatical religious zealot and want to chop a sinner’s head off, think twice, pause and ask yourself, does my plan concur with God’s game theory? If your plan does not then I would recommend searching for a better option because the evidence behind the 100% accuracy of results on tests analyzed by game theory and the intelligence formula support a definitive outcome which may not be in your favor if you don’t follow the rules. Ah, Karma.

Be wise, do wisely.


Maria P.C., M.O.G.


What is the best religion to follow?

Today was the second time I’ve posted to a Rabbi, I keep trying to spread the news of designing a new universal faith, one that would encompass an amalgamation and celebration of many different religious traditions as a favorite pastimes but one that is founded by universal brotherhood. In this religion,there would be no segregation or separation only celebration. The prime foundation is acceptance of all with faith in God; this almost sounds like a Unitarian church but I’m not a huge fan of the Unitarian arrangement because it does not encourage faith in God, this is a selective choice. I support faith in God because I have experienced the reality of God, and therefore, I know it is not something one decides if one wants to believe in this, God is! One does not choose to believe in gravity, it is. Stories like the one I am  going to re-post with a link to the original site is one that reveals why such an idealistic arrangement is essential if we want to enter the “Golden Age” the age of enlightenment.


This story was posted by Andrew Aguecheek on


About three years ago, one of my best friends volunteered to teach English in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. At the time I knew next to nothing about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Like most people in the West, I generally vaguely supported Israel with the caveat that they probably overreact to Palestinian Terrorism. Anyway, my friend came back with a lot of stories about what she had seen and heard. They were, frankly, shocking. Unbelievable. Tales of torture, killing, humiliation, and degradation, seemingly completely out of proportion with any idea of justice – if justice can ever validate such actions.

Being adversarial by inclination, I argued with her, trying to find reasonable explanations for some of the horrible things she was telling me about. I also started doing my own research; if what she and the pro-Palestinian lobby were saying was true, it seemed clear that the Western world had got something pretty deeply wrong. Eighteen months or so ago, she went back to the West Bank and once again returned with yet more stories. Our arguments become more intense, on a couple of occasions disintegrating into tearful fights (entirely my fault) and, about a year ago, one ended with her telling me I should just go and see it for myself.

So I have.

Lest it seem like I have gone to extremes to win an argument, I should point out that I am here for other reasons too. In the summer of last year I was made redundant from my job and I had already decided I would like to move into either politics or the charitable sector, for which I would need to gain some experience. One of many applications I made was to a twinning organisation, the Camden – Abu Dis Friendship Association, with whom I had taken some informal Arabic lessons earlier in the year. In fact I applied to volunteer with them in London – but when they called me back and offered a three-month placement in Abu Dis, how could I refuse?

I have now been here for nearly two months and in that time I have learnt a lot, far more than two and a half years of research and argument had taught me. I have also been tear-gassed twice, hidden from soldiers shooting rubber bullets in the street, made friends with former prisoners and torture victims and conversed with people from across the political spectrum. I now have dozens of stories that I want to tell you – to tell the world – because what is happening here is not right.

So I want to tell you my stories and the stories of the people I have met here, but I cannot put them in the context that I would like to. I can tell you about horrible things that Israel has, definitely, done. Instances of abuse that I have seen with my own eyes, instances that corroborate the thousands of reports of the most extensively documented humanitarian situation on Earth. What I cannot do is tell you the other side. I do not have time to start every story by telling you why this is happening, giving you a potted history of ZionismArab Nationalism, the aftermath of World War 2 and the holocaust. This means I will be open to accusations of bias, even of anti-semitism, for not putting Israel’s case.

So what should I do? Should I shrug my shoulders and say c’est le vie when a friend tells me they were imprisoned in a camp in the desert and tortured by soldiers? Should I keep quiet about the kids I teach who are actually used to tear gas being set off by their school? Should I keep to myself the stories of parents arrested in front of their children and held without charge for years? I don’t think I should. The context is not relevant. Whatever has happened, whatever has led up to this incredibly fucked up geopolitical ethno-religious situation does not matter. The fact is that people, innocent people, people who I now consider to be my friends are being hurt in ways that cannot, in my view, be justified. It does not matter why they are being hurt because it would still be wrong whatever the excuses are.

There is an odd tendency here to see the Occupation almost as a natural phenomenon. I imagine you would find a similar atmosphere in a town next to an active volcano. It’s just something you live with and most of the time, you don’t try to understand it unless you’re a specialist. But this is not a natural phenomenon, a force of nature that cannot be stopped by human endeavour. The unjustifiable violence, the abuse, the humiliations and the degradation that I now know to be fact, having seen them with my own eyes could stop tomorrow if those perpetrating it so chose. There would be consequences, but those would be the consequences of upholding moral standards, the price of doing the right thing.

Some things are not justifiable and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. We can try to understand why they happen of course, and we can sympathise with those who often find themselves in an impossible position, but every time we try to find an excuse for not talking about something, for saying it will do some harm, we are justifying what must be unjustifiable.

What would I suggest? Israel stops abusing the Palestinians. What does this mean? It means stopping the beatings. Stopping the detention without trial. Stopping the killings. Stopping the torture. Stopping the humiliation. And it means stopping these things unconditionally, stopping them because they are simply and purely wrong.

This was my post to  Rabbi Shraga Simmons at   http://www.aish.com/jw/s/48892792.html    today.

Ah, to be a Jew or not be a Jew? That is a dynamic question. To be humane or inhumane? That is a more profound question than the first. This is a story I found and I believe you should read it and share it and ask your followers, What should we do about such things? Does one evil justify another? How can we atone for our sins so we can find a universal brotherhood and please God?


by Andrew Aguecheek

 I have posted to you before, I am the clairvoyant and I know God judges us not by the scripture we follow, nor the ceremonies  we practice but by the goodness we live by universally.

Aguecheek’s story reveals a complex dilemma.  The story deserves investigation, if what he says is true then how can the U.S. intervene? What founded the inhumane treatment of the Palestinians? He does not indulge in the subject, but he reports what he sees and it is tragic. Obviously, the eye for an eye approach is not a very good one; man is left blind with such a philosophy. With Aguecheek’s story, one may see a faulty Jewish religion as the root to such an evil. The Jews will justify their approach by rationalizing the Islamic faith as the root to the evils in the middle east. Christians will jump for joy and try to dazzle us with their enlightenment of the Messiah and his second eminent approach, while scholars like Bart Ehrman and Richard Carrier will tell us all, “We believe if faiths rooted in fiction.” All the religious bickering between the Muslims, Jews and Christians might get some desperate souls consider Scientology as their next religious adventure– know that membership is not free and the rules can get a bit crazy. Look at the members and their lifestyles; that should send anyone running for the hills. Faith should not cost a fortune. If a religious organization charges inordinate fees, most likely it is a scheme (you can just Google Scientology horror stories). How do we make sense of this and actually start to get progressive with solutions that work? Well, I hope I am slowly doing my part by sharing my insights.


Be wise, do wisely,

Maria P.C., M.O.G.



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